Tres Leches Donuts


This donut recipe from Gourmet Traveller was not easy. Not because it is complicated but because it requires time. Lots of time. And it requires you to knead and rest and knead and rest until you wonder if there ever will be donuts at the end of the tunnel.

The result  is what makes this recipe worth it- fluffy, light dough with dripping caramel and condensed milk centres.

Tres Leches Cake is very messy to serve at dinner parties but it tastes so delicious I knew the recipe had to be tweaked. These donuts are the ideal way to serve tres leches to the masses and each guest gets a miniature milk bottle, which could be spiked with Frangelico or Kahlua if you so desired. (I believe the answer to that is always- hell yes!)

Perfectly Accompanies the Following Moods: 

Craving Sweet Stuff, End of the Month Women Woes, Worst Break-Up, Bad Day, Shameless donut addicts