Totto Ramen

QueueIf you want to eat New York’s best ramen then be prepared to queue. But don’t worry the service at Totto Ramen is fast enough that you’ll never be waiting more than 15 minutes. 

You could easily walk past their unassuming entrance and never know what you just missed. But once you step inside this narrow ramen bar you’ll have trouble not returning at least once a week. I am warning you now!buns First up we had pork buns with wasabi mayonnaise. In fairness this is not their signature dish and Ippudo, a Ramen restaurant near by, still holds the winning title. ramennoodlesI ordered the miso pork ramen with avocado. Even though the avocado is an extra on the menu, I really think it’s a key ingredient. ramennoodles2 Mister C had the super spicy pork ramen that is so hot it makes your nose drip and lips tingle. Perfect anecdote to a cold winters night. ramennoodles3(*I would just like to explain and excuse my hair. I stupidly washed it just before leaving to walk outside during a very dry, winter night. As a result the frizz was unbelievable and it looks like I’ve had electric shock!)

This ramen bar is also so close to Times Square that you could easily walk there after a few hours of shopping. It’s guaranteed to warm your bones and fill the deepest of black hole stomachs. 

I’m already dreaming of going back again because I mis-o it so much.