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Shelling seafood by the seashore

My home in Australia is on a beach that boasts three seaside cafes. My personal favourite is The Armchair Collective, which is styled by interior designer Pip Robb. 

It’s the perfect place to pick up all the necessities, according to the world of Christiana, homewares, fresh flowers, coffee and delicious sustenance.   orderhereBrooke and I (plus the boys) enjoyed a lazy brunch here, followed by a browse of their homewares. Every time I go into their store I always find at least five things I would buy for my imaginary loft apartment. browsing2cornfrittersOne thing you need to understand about being an Australian is that corn fritters and banana smoothies are quintessential brunch staples.  insideoflrcushionsbrowsingTrying to calculate if I have any space in my suitcase for this ceramic jug…. Considering I just bought five dresses earlier that week I would say it’s a no. flowersNow, the other cafe I love to go to with Sydney first timers is The Boathouse. From the outside it doesn’t look very special but once you walk through the cafe and onto their private pier you just know you’ve discovered a local secret.  BsigntablesignEveryone has heard of Home and Away, right? Well, the Summer Bay beach scenes are filmed only a minute from this cafe on Palm Beach so make sure to stop by and take a nosey peek at the actors. (We did and spotted a few famous faces!)hotchipsvasesstairsboathouseI just love the Aussie tradition of dining outdoors especially when you have uninterrupted views of the water- it’s so humbling to be a local to this part of the world. prawnsMy mother always told me, “If you can see the ocean, order the seafood”, so with her wise words ringing in my ear I got myself a large bucket of prawns. prawns2With each bite you could taste the seawater, which was a real culinary pleasure after years in London.  prawns3 bread Never have I  seen sourdough so large in my life. emptyprawnstableThese rustic white, wooden benches and big floral bouquets are all part of my dream kitchen space.  pineapples waiterNow Brooke and I might both be in relationships but let’s call a spade a spade ladies! Let’s just say, if you do go to this cafe, you’ll find that delicious Australian morsels aren’t limited to just their menu. 


The Potting Shed

pottingshedMy best friend Brooke organised one last, very tearful supper at The Potting Shed in Sydney. If you haven’t already guessed by the name, this watering hole is garden themed down to the beer taps. pubbeerparrotbiatchschnitzelI ordered the schnitzel with double cooked fries- if only I had taken a comparison photograph with my hand so you could see how ruddy HUGE it was.  pitchersjugsPink Sangria definitely helps when you’ve got to say goodbye to a best friend who live thousands of miles away. burgersBrooke ordered the hamburger, which was delicious, but nothing in comparison to my schnitzel.  However, the envy of the entire table was the short ribs. They were so tender and soft that I didn’t get a chance to photograph them before they had been hoovered up. Whoops! punspottingshed2pottingshed27 At night the Potting Shed is full of romantic fairy lights and tea candles.  It’s really the perfect, casual spot for a dinner date. dessertFor dessert we shared a banana tarte tatin with coconut ice cream that was lick the skillet, devour every crumb yummy. pottingshed3Now I saved the best thing about The Potting Shed till’ last- S’mores. YES YOU HEARD ME! While waiting for the main course I spotted with my eagle dessert eye a bowl of marshmallows and sticks. Brooke and I ran out like school children at the final bell and just had s’more and s’more and s’more. smores