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Top 9 stylish desk essentials

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1. Audrey Hepburn print by The Lifestyle Directory  2. Ranarp Desk Lamp  3. Särskild Notepad  4. Acrylic Pot Pen  5. Acrylic storage box 6. Vista Weekly Planner Pad  7. 0.38 Gel Ink Pens  8. Kate Spade at Selfridges 9. Lush Mush rabbit hole punch

September has snuck up on me, which means back to school time! Now for all those students, teachers and work-at-homers (hollah!) wanting to make their desk both stylish and functional here are the top 9 essentials you need to elevate the style of your work space.

Metallics are sweeping through fashion land so you will be right on trend with these acrylic, white and gold pieces. Your desk should not distract you from your work so keep clutter to an absolute minimum with these Muji storage units  (number 5). Muji also make black gel pens (number 7), which are an obsession of mine because of how fine and inexpensive they are. You will go through dozens of these a year and expect them to be stolen from your handbag by loved ones.

Quotes and inspiration boards are important to me. I make and print dozens to put around places I visit regularly in the house. It’s an empowering and stylish way to spread positive energy. Find quotes that inspire you and start drawing, writing or printing them off.

* While I was internet searching for this post I found out that Paperchase are offering 10% discounts for Uni students. Click here for the link.