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Before and After Midas Touch Ikea Hack



 My study has been through yellow and back. This was the original colour- a pastel butter. Now if I had wanted to decorate the room with frills and floral window dressings then this would have been my dream colour. Alas, I am a minimalist girl obsessed with gold, white, black and grey. So the wall colour had to go faster than I could say, Yuck. 

before photo 2

The walls were painted a light grey colour  called Pebble Shore by Dulux, which I love. The space however was yet to have a true purpose so for months it became the store room for our laundry, general crap and golf clubs. 

before photo


Midas Touch Ikea Hack

Ikea hack desk

Ikea hack desk

Ikea hack desk

keep it together

Ikea hack drawer pulls


artificial flowers paris is always a good idea print

I am in love with how inexpensive and easy this transformation was. There isn’t a lot of clutter around my desk and everything on it is either practical or sentimental. The black and white pictures are of family and friends while the billy goat is an inside joke with Mister C.


This white Ikea desk is part of a range called Alex and cost £120.00. My gold drawer pulls are from a hardware store and cost £2.00 each including the screws. I only used one bottle of spray paint to cover both legs and that cost me £3.50.

So if you break the costs down this project cost me £128.50. Gold looks expensive but the true cost of the Midas touch is just £8.50. The only downside is that I now  want to spray everything gold including the inside of that pendant lamp in the study.

My only problem is that since finishing the project the spray paint has disappeared. Now I know the bottle didn’t just walk out of my apartment but I think a certain boyfriend terrified of coming back to a gold room has hidden it. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 16.08.02
Photo credit to: Choices.co.uk

 I don’t know why he’s freaking out- this gold room screams demure and elegant. 

 Product List

I never had a study before so I bought everything from scratch. Here is a list of products I used and where I bought them:

Product List 

1. Figuier Diptyque Candle-£40.00-This is my favourite smell. Even when it isn’t lit it fills the room with a subtle aroma.

2. Vase from Sainsbury’s- £8.00 (Not online, but try in store)  Why do vases cost so much? I was looking at ones that were around £20- £40 pounds in department stores when I stumbled upon this in my local supermarket. Steal! 

3. Artificial Hydrangeas from John Lewis– £30.00- As much as I love real flowers I need something low maintenance and nothing is easier to manage than fake flowers. After browsing  online and in store, I believe these are both the most life like and at the best price point.  

4. Kate Spade ‘Keep It Together Stapler’ from Selfridges- £29.90 (Cannot find it online, but sold in store) – Gold, acrylic, an inspirational quote plus Kate Spade. It’s the dream team of stationery. 

5. Larousse Cooking Book- £39.00  My chef bible for all things cooking plus it’s bronze. Just an added bonus.  walls 6.  ‘Paris is always a good idea’ print from Fox and Velvet – £12.21  (including delivery)  I love Audrey plus I am a Francophile so this print complete with mini Eiffel Tower was just made for me. 

7. Calendar by Jasmine Dowling- Free-  Illustrator Jasmine generously made this free for all to enjoy and you can download it here.

Midas Touch Pic