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Holiday for two- 48 hours in Florence Travel Guide

After visiting Florence in June for an anniversary I thought I would share with you a visual travel guide along with the highlights from our amazing weekend.



We walked around the city and saw the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore from two different angles. On the second day we did a hop on and hop off sightseeing bus tour because it allowed us to get out of the city centre and onto a hillside overlooking the famous sites.

Tip: To visit inside the cathedral women must be covering their knees or pay 1 Euro for a poncho at the entrance.


Accommodation: We stayed in the Gallery Art Hotel, which is located less than a minute walk from Ponte Vecchio in a quiet courtyard. I love staying in boutique hotels especially ones who collaborate with the  Salvatore Ferragamo to make their bath products. Yes, we shamelessly took a mini Ferragamo body moisturiser back for a special guest to enjoy, like when the Queen stays over.


Sightseeing: We went to one museum while we were there, the Gallerie dell’Accademia , which houses the statue of David.

Tip: Make sure you reserve a time slot to visit the museum on-line to avoid standing in queue for hours.







Eat: We went to the Mercato Centrale to try the famous panini at Nebrone’s. All everyone orders there, both locals and tourists alike, is boiled beef between two slices of bread with a green pesto sauce and a red hot sauce. Although the queue was long, it was well worth the wait because that panini was life changing. That’s not to say that Nebrone does not make other delicious food. Their lamb ragout pasta was my second favourite meal over the two days.



Eat: While walking to dinner at Osteria De’ Benci we took photos of the sun setting behind Ponte Vecchio and it was that golden photography hour.


The next morning we decided to spoil ourselves with breakfast in bed to continue our lazy Sunday tradition in Italy.



Sweet Treat: I ate three gelatos over 48 hours from my two favourite places- Gelateria Venchi and Gelateria Santa Trinita.

Tip: If you go to Santa Trinita you must make sure to order a scoop of the dark chocolate, and then sit down to prepare yourself.


So that is how I spent my weekend in Florence, eating gelato, visiting museums and walking around the city. It was the definition of what the Italians call ‘La Dolce Far Niente’- the sweetness of doing nothing.




How to pack like a pro and travel light

For some it might seem obvious but to my sister, a woman who packs ski pants for a holiday to Barbados, travelling light perplexes her.

Last weekend I went to Florence for a mini-break and I packed so carefully that my boyfriend shared his carry-on suitcase with me. In fairness the split was 40/60 because of a curling iron, but who is splitting hairs?

Now I know what you are thinking, you assume that I achieved this feat while packing in Narnia with the help of my unicorn but you are wrong! Follow my top packing tips so that you too could start travelling light.

Travel Tips:

1. Travel conundrum- it’s hot weather outside but freezing while on board the plane. The solution is a pair of thin, ripped jeans-like Leighs by TopShop.

2. Stick to a black and white colour scheme- not only did Chanel prove that monochrome is classic but it allows you to mix and match outfits for a different look each day. This applies to bikinis too- gone are the days of matchy matchy!

3. Hot vacations leave me feeling sticky so I always pack travel sized body wipes and a spare shirt to wear when the weather cools at night- I consider this is a necessity, not a luxury.

4. Pack 1 multi-way bra that can be worn with everything.

5. ROLL your clothes side by side and stuff your underwear inside your shoes.

6. Always bring a coloured plastic bag for your dirty underwear- nothing is more mortifying than opening your carry-on at security and having everyone see your personals.

Here are my outfits from Florence (guys, I never promised you I was going to make the next Vogue cover). Happy packing and bon voyage!


Zara top, Zara Jeans, Givenchy Handbag- all in stock and in store
My hair is dead straight so I used a curling wand to get these soft curls- Ray Ban aviators
Swatch watch with leather strap- part of the Gentleman’s collection– all in stock and in store
Zara skort that everyone owns, Sandro black top, Black River Island hat and TopShop tier necklace




For Love and Lemons dress, River Island Hat, Givenchy Handbag

For Love and Lemons