Sydney Helicopter Flight

helicopterBrookeandTia As soon as we landed in Sydney, we hopped off one large Boeing and got into a private helicopter. 

My best friend Brooke had her birthday earlier this year and sadly I was not there to celebrate it. So to make up for my absence I treated her and Mister C to a thirty minute flight over the city.opera house

BondiWe got to see all the sights that make Sydney famous, from the opera house, the harbour bridge to Bondi beach.  Seeing the city from this perspective was a first for all of us and it made me so grateful that I called this place home for ten years. meinhelicopter





BondiSo who is looking at flight tickets for Sydney after these photos? November is the start of spring in Australia so it’s the perfect month to visit if you don’t like excruciating heat. Having said that, our last day in Sydney was 39 degrees Celsius so be prepared for all types of weather. 

If you want to treat yourself or someone special for a flight do so through Heli Experiences, we found the pilot was extremely knowledgeable and very safety conscious.