‘Surviving’ the New York Blizzard

Two days ago the Mayor warned the citizens of New York that around three-feet of snow would dump down on Tuesday evening. 

Naturally we believed him and began devising an emergency plan to survive our first blizzard. Mister C left work early while I ran to the supermarket, along with half of the city, to stock up on provisions- you know, cherry pie, salami, milk- the true essentials.IMG_3852We spent a lot of Tuesday staring out the window just waiting for that three-foot dump of snow. By the time it neared midnight and with no more than three inches on the ground, we gave up and went to bed. 

The next morning I excitedly lifted the blinds only to find…. nothing but slush. Our open car port was bare, there was less than a foot of snow on the streets and yet New York was entirely empty. Lots of shops were closed, restaurants weren’t opening kitchens and those that were open, had ‘Snow Day’ menus- think bar snacks like pretzels and nuts. timessquarephoneboothsYou’d honestly think the world had come to an end. 

The only silver lining to blizzard-gate is having the city almost entirely to yourself. When I went walking this afternoon the only people out on the streets were a few tourists and a handful of awkward dogs in snow booties.dogsinbooties pigeons paramounttimessquareslippingdogbooties dogbooties2 The most awkward dog in booties award goes to this one. snowploughingThanks though to all those who messaged and asked how we were, I felt the love from across the oceans that divide us.

To be honest, our biggest ‘crisis’ was thinking we were going to have to survive the blizzard without wine- I completely forgot to grab a bottle while I was at the supermarket!