Sunday in Manhattan

cafecluny1Cafe Cluny is located on a quiet West Village corner and if it wasn’t for a window into the dining room on 4th Street you wouldn’t even know it exists. 

There are no big signs, just a simple door, but when you walk in it’s a big, welcoming space. 

For those dining alone you get an automatic seat at the bar, which is also closest to their coffee machine, so serious prime real estate! eggsbennieWhen we arrived our host seated us straight away, this is the NYC equivalent of finding a parking space on Christmas Eve, and presented us with a seriously tasty brunch menu. Mister C continued on his eggs bennie streak but was surprised to find that this cafe serves it with ham. eggsshortribhashI ordered the short rib hash with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. eggsshortribhashmeAs per usual, Mister C had some serious food envy along with a lip wobble when my plate arrived. eggsshortribhashexplodingEven though I preferred my meal over his, if my hash didn’t have those green onions it could’ve been quite bland. cafeclunybarAfter Cafe Cluny, I dragged Mister C down a few blocks to get the most-touristy New York photo of all- the Carrie Bradshaw apartment. sexandthecityYep, these stairs were graced by Sarah Jessica Parker and her fabulous Manolo Blahniks. 

After touring the West Village we walked down to the lower East to visit the Tenement Museum. Unfortunately, you cannot take photos inside but it’s definitely worth a visit if you love learning about the history of a city. 

Finally, yes it was a LONG touristy day, we walked up to Broadway and did a bit of shopping. At the end of Broadway near Prince Street subway is Dean and Deluca.deananddelucaIf you love food like I love food then Dean and Deluca is what you imagine heaven to be like. Rows upon rows of gourmet sauces, flavours, sweets, coffees- everything is extortionately expensive but I got a kick just out of browsing the shelves.  deananddeluca2 The pie on the bottom left is a S’mores cake with a marshmallow topping, graham cracker crust and chocolate jello. Holy calories! deananddeluca3I wanted to take home half the deli but instead we settled on a selection of Italian charcuterie and a wedge of Swedish truffle Gouda. 

After hours of being on our feet, we finally made it home with our Dean and Deluca treats and a glass of wine.