St. Pancras Engagement Shoot

Nicolas and Aimee are not only close friends of mine, they are also my relationship inspiration. There is such an unconditional love between the two of them, which anchors their entire relationship and keeps it rock steady.  Although they’ve been together for 5 years they are still deep in the honeymoon phase, which really came out in their engagement photos. 

After Nicolas proposed, Aimee called me up and asked if I could photograph the two of them. You could only imagine how deeply humbled I felt by the request.  Aimee is such a creative person I knew she would come up with a truly original concept, so it was no surprise when she arrived at St. Pancras with a giant pink balloon. 

If you want to know why they chose St. Pancras for their engagement shoot, please read their proposal story below:

Aimee: We met at uni but really got to know each other when we both spent a year in paris where nic is from. He showed me round and I fell in love with him as much as I did the city.

On the day of the proposal he had told me we were heading to the train station but he actually had booked the taxi to go to the exact same place where he first told me he loved me – outside the house some friends used to live in in West London. Shortly after I’d said YES, another taxi turned up and again I had no idea where we were going – this is when we went to the Renaissance hotel St. Pancras. It’s a beautiful hotel I’d always wanted to go to in a station that links my home country and his. 



AringNtassles   Aballoon


Aballoon2  NholdingA


aimee engagement shoot


AhandonN aimeeandnicHere are the fashion and accessory details from the day:


Bubblegum Balloon 

The tassel balloon was promptly delivered to Aimee via courier on Friday for the Saturday shoot. She had to blow it up herself, which was done using a helium canister at a local party shop, and the service cost only 6 pounds. Easy!

If anyone in London has a clever idea for an engagement photo session and doesn’t want to pay extortionate amounts of money, then do contact me.

** This post was in part sponsored by Bubblegum Balloons who I contacted after Aimee decided she wanted to have a giant balloon in her shoot. They were very generous and donated one to ensure she could have her dream engagement session.  Thanks to all at Bubble Balloons. **