Sager and Wilde

sagerandwilde2Last weekend we had a big decade-versary to celebrate at Sager and Wilde on Hackney Road.

This wine bar feels incredibly intimate and East London with its’ exposed brick walls and open plan space. I particularly love how film noir the venetian blinds make the place feel, it’s almost as if you stepped into a 1920s detectives agency. sagerandwildewineThe birthday girl chose a fantastic chenin blanc called Portail, which I highly recommend even though it doesn’t come cheap. 

Sager and Wilde also serves bar snacks but let’s face it, everyone comes wanting to taste their boutique wines. gemsagerandwildeAll five girls at the birthday party, including myself,  have recently gotten the Jlaw bob and I particularly love the new look on Gemma. interiorsagerandwildemeinsagerandwildefriendssagerandwildeThe night only carried on from here and became a walking drinks tour of Hoxton but out of all the places we visited this was the highlight. 

Even though I loved spending time with the girls, I can just imagine sitting at one of their marble tables with Mister C and talking for hours over a bottle of wine.