Pastrami Queen

Pastrami QueenOn the Upper West side, just outside the 77th subway stop, is a deli that makes life-changing sandwiches. The cost of this man-wich monstrosity isn’t cheap ($19!), which makes it a special treat, *but neither would you want to be eating that much meat everyday. *(Mister C disagrees with me on that point)Pastrami Queen2 Pastrami Queen3There’s a few seats inside this deli, but it’s equally popular for serving take-out during their busy lunch period.

Every week I go down to Mister C’s office and treat him to something tasty from one of my culinary adventures.  

His inner foodie gets extremely jealous hearing about what I’ve eaten without him so I try to bring a piece of NY to his office, or in this case, a few kilos! You don’t realise just how much meat is in one of these sandwiches  until you start lugging it down a few New York blocks.Pastrami Queen4 Pastrami Queen5Now, if you spend too long going over the game plan you’ll never start tackling this sandwich, the best idea is to just go for it. Mister C had the world famous-hot pastrami (above) on rye while I had the roast beef with onions on garlic bread. eatingPastrami Queen6My sandwich was seriously garlicky. Even the French would’ve have told me, “Oh la la, your breath, it stinks.”Pastrami Queen8It all come with a side serving of pickles, coleslaw, mustard and this pickle mayo sauce. 

I personally preferred my roast beef to Mister C’s pastrami because my meat was chewier while his was more soft, but to each their own. Pastrami Queen9 Pastrami Queen10Getting through one half of that sandwich was enough to have me smiling but don’t you worry, I devoured it all, in true foodie fashion.

If you are in New York and want a serious man-wich, then make the effort to swing by Pastrami Queen.

Tourist Tip: This deli is around the corner from the Frick Collection, so you could make a cultural  stop while you’re in the neighbourhood.