Paris, mais oui!

My friend Gemma wanted to celebrate her birthday in style, and nothing oozes style more than Paris. 

Straight after work we all bundled into the EuroStar and with only five minutes to spare we realised we were seated in carriage 1, not 16, so began running like mad past every passenger on board. 

After a midnight arrival into Paris, we went straight to bed and began dreaming of fresh croissants. 

While I do want to tell you about what we did on Saturday, you all know that food is kind of my thing.  (Understatement of the century)

So let me show you, course by course, our birthday dinner at a French bistro called L’Assiette. This is the kind of restaurant situated in the middle of nowhere, where the menu is in French and everything from the snout to the tail is available to eat. 

Luckily we are all adventurous eaters and nothing but the plate of lambs head put us off.pigknucklesTo start we had fried pigs knuckles, which were deboned and absolutely delicious. snails Followed by a dozen garlic and tomato snails. snails2This is where Gemma re-enacted the famous scene from Pretty Women but unfortunately the tongs got stuck to her fingers, causing much loud giggling and snorting from our table. lambTwo of us ordered the stuffed lamb with potatoes and what we believe is a side of something from the sheep’s insides. We are still unsure as to what exactly it was but it tasted a lot like liver. The gravy is what made this dish, it was rich and more-ish. pork bellyThe others had pork belly with risotto and asparagus, which was the special of the day. I forgot to ask to try this dish but according to the girls, it was their favourite over the lamb. chocolatesouffleFor dessert the birthday girl had chocolate fondant while the rest of us could not resist the words salted creme caramel. saltedcarameldessertI had heard that this was their speciality but words cannot describe how delicious and rich it tasted. thesignoutsideAfter three courses and two bottles of wine, we stepped out into the cold night to meet some friends in Bastille and rub our contented bellies.