North West London Victorian Terrace House Tour

Sacha is not only the interior designer and e-decorator behind Honey Bee Interiors , she also owns an on-line store called the Vintage Chandelier Company that sells a lot more than just light fixtures.


Vintage Chandelier
This is a more subtle nod to the antler design trend without the need for faux taxidermy on your wall.

When Sacha offered to let me virtual house tour a London Victorian terrace, which is full of pieces from the store, I was immediately curious to see how she made Swarovski stag antlers, velvet Ottomans and chandeliers work together.

For all my secret interior designers who love mixing monochrome with bold colours and antiques with modern furniture, this house will inspire you.

sachas house 2

First room in the tour is Sacha’s favourite room- the lounge. I like how she stuck to a monochromatic scheme but chose a variety of patterns within that colour scheme for both the cushions and the wallpaper. By keeping it simple the bold furniture and chandelier really stand out.

sachas house

Kitchens like bathrooms are often seen as purely functional and not a place for your inner interior designer to come out. Sacha proves though that by giving the kitchen as much attention to detail as the rest of the house you can create a very stylish place to entertain and feed the family.

sachas house 5

sacha house 6

If you love the XXX lights in the corner-don’t bother searching for imitations because you can buy them from her store.

sacha house 8

sacah house 7

In recognition of the kitchen being the heart of the home there is an inspiring words wall decal next to the cook top- imagine getting a pep talk every morning before breakfast?

sacha house 9

There is a difference between a boudoir and a bedroom, and this is it. The velvet throw and gold beside lamps make the space feel luxurious while the almost black focal wall and dark wooden bed frame add a sensual masculinity to it.

sacha house 10

sacha house 11

It’s clear after taking the house tour that Sacha’s interior design forte lies in her ability to give each room its’ own distinct personality. I hope this house tour gives you inspiration about how you too could mix juxtaposing colours and patterns seamlessly into your own space.

Thanks Sacha for sharing!

Tips for Renters from Sacha Berger:

1. What way can you make the biggest impact through interior decorating without changing the structure of a house?

Just by using simple but striking design tricks, play around with different sizes so using a oversized ceiling light even in a small room, dark walls to make interesting backdrop for photos or paintings or as a contrast to bright furniture pieces, mix patterns and textures and personalise your home with the things you love.

2. What design trend are you embracing this season?

Yellow, I love this colour at the moment and find any excuse to bring a pop of yellow into a scheme.