Mighty Quinn’s

mightyquinnsI’ve been wanting to head to Mighty Quinn’s for quite some time. As a Southern girl originally from Texas, nothing pleases me more than ribs, brisket and pulled pork . 

But what does this meat need to be covered in? Barbecue sauce, preferably in large litre bottles that you can pour straight into your mouth. Barbe-CUE drooling. mightyquinnsribs The concept is simple- you stand in a queue to pick your meat, your sides and then your drink.  Then you fight it out to get a seat because everyone in New York knows that this is THE place to get barbecue.mightyquinnsbeerIt’s all very communal and laid back at Mighty Quinn’s with the real focus being entirely on the food. As it should be!meandbeerm manandbeer cornfrittersWe ordered a side of corn fritters, fries and sweet potato mash. As the only Southerner at the table everyone else was confused about why the mash had candied pecans in it, but that’s just how we do it south of the Mason-Dixon Line, so be prepared if you come to Mighty Quinn’s. theentireexteriorOverall it was a meat-tastic experience but if you could only order one thing I would say it has to be their ribs. They were so juicy and covered in spice, it’s got me dreaming about coming back.