Mermaid Inn Oyster Bar

Mermaid Inn Oyster Bar was a last minute entrant to my NYC restaurant list and probably one of the best seafood bars I’ve ever been to. What was even more of a shock is that on Mondays, the day of our booking, oysters are a dollar and the bar menu runs all night.oystersKnowing this I unashamedly devoured 12 oysters and then quickly ordered 10 more. I also got to try their prawn corndog, which is only available on Monday’s when it runs all night. prawncorndogI really enjoyed the fusion of American fairground food with seafood and the mustard/tartare sauce was exactly the right amount of kick. prawncorndog2As an appetizer, because let’s face it the first two dishes were just a teaser, we had the lobster corn fritters with truffle honey. We couldn’t taste or find much lobster but the honey made the fritters unbelievably more-ish.  corntruffleballs As a main, I had the fish tacos with slaw, lime and green sauce. While Mister C and Mum had the lobster rolls with kale.   fishtacos lobsterrollmermaid We shared our dishes tapas style so I got to sample everything and I definitely think mine was better. Not only was it packed with flavour and spice, it was a lot different to the lobster roll you find on every menu in Manhattan. rolingfish When we got our bill we each got a plastic fortune telling fish- mine rolled meaning I am fickle. I can’t decide if that’s true or not. (Dad joke)lobsterhouse lobsterhouse2This is definitely a place you could visit with friends on $1.00 Monday’s but it’s also romantic enough for a cosy date. Just keep in mind that it’s pretty snug quarters so don’t arrive without a reservation or with a large group. 

With our last week almost upon us I am not sure I can fit another visit in but Mermaid Inn will be top of my list when I return.