Meat Mission

If eating is your religion then you have got to try the Dead Hippie burger at Mission, you’ll be worshiping it in no time. 

Mission is part of the meat liquor chain and it should come as no surprise that this Hoxton space was once a Christian mission. They’ve kept the religious theme with their stained glass ceilings and pew seats but given it a modern twist. There’s a DJ playing in a crawl space above the main hall and in lieu of a pulpit there’s now plaques naming winners of the triple chilli challenge.  missionmeatmenumeatI love that their menu order of service states:”Food for the soul and unholy spirits” – we definitely felt like this was our kind of church.  drinksmeatI loved their Hoxton fizz cocktail and if you like fresh strawberries I suggest you order it too. mehatdrinking meatplateMister C loves their wings and chilli cheese fries, while I prefer the burgers and fries. Everything gets served on communal platters so don’t come here if you were hoping to convince your date that you’re ladylike. meatplate3meatplate2churchmeeatingburgerLuckily I gave up the ladylike pretence years ago with Mister C so now I just dive head first into my food without a worry in the world. ceilingmeoutsidemission2If you ever find yourself on a mission to eat some delicious fried goodness then definitely come down to Hoxton for a holy burger experience, it will soon have you  praying for another.