Los Angeles- PaliHotel

MADEINLA Sorry for the radio silence on my blog- sometimes you just need a break. New York snow storms were keeping me locked indoors so not many blog-worthy things were happening- unless you’d like to read about my new cable TV and Peanut Butter Captain Crunch evening ritual. 

So what’s a New York girl to do? Head over to Los Angeles where it’s 30 degrees Celsius and there’s not a snowflake in sight.  mewalkingoutsideFirst food stop was the PaliHotel for a spot of breakfast at The Hart and the Hunter.  There’s both an indoor and outdoor eating space, which you’ll find hidden in the back of the hotel. 

With Spring in full force I opted for an iced Americano and avocado on baguette. Isn’t it funny how sunshine makes you want to eat healthier? inside mymum Isn’t my mum a stunner? I cannot believe that’s a mum who has two grown daughters. icedcoffeemeinpalisign While waiting for our food I went snooping around this boutique hotel with my camera. Sure enough, I found interior design nooks in every room from the front entrance leather sofa to the blue waiting area outside the WC. Each space had been given its’ own personality. cornerhotelService is a little slow but when our food arrived it was definitely tasty. I love a simple serving of avo’ on toast with olive oil and pepper, it really hits the spot and doesn’t leave you bloated. This was particularly important as later that day I had my first wedding dress appointment and I wanted to feel/look fantastic. avocadoontoasthartandhunterIf you are on Melrose wondering where to grab a healthy breakfast then I suggest the PaliHotel. Just relax outdoors on a bench, take in all their design details and enjoy a moments peace before hitting the stores in West Hollywood.