Jubo Korean


This morning I had to wake up VERY early for a meeting because I am now working for an awesome start-up in Shoreditch. I mention this to explain two important things, 1) why my posts are less frequent than before and 2) why I look so exhausted in these photos. 

Forgive me?

Working for a successful start-up who uses their ping pong table for meetings presents quite the fashion conundrum. You’re definitely not pulling out your politician power suit aka German Chancellor Merkel but neither are you slumming it in sweats. It’s that careful balance between the two, which I find ever so tricky to master.  

The answer- tailored monochrome. A classic, fail-safe choice until I slowly build a capsule work wardrobe.  


These Mango boots are my latest winter purchase and I am absolutely in-love with them. Hurry though, they are selling out fast! At first I shunned the pointy toe, I didn’t think I could be that fashion brave, but when in Shoreditch do as the Shoreditchians do. 


For lunch we stopped at Jubo- a secret Korean restaurant tucked away inside a pub. This is one of my co-worker’s favourite spots, she also happens to be as beautiful as she is genuinely nice. (Meaning you cannot even be jealous because she’s already completely won you over- annoying, right?)



During lunchtime Jubo offers a 6.50 lunch deal, where you pick three mains off a set menu. The Korean barbecue chicken might not be authentic but it tastes delicious, just like their spicy lotus root seaweed salad. Me and my pointy boots would definitely visit K-Town again.