Jones and Sons

I’ve expressed my love for brunch enough times that you get it by now. I’ll spare you my professions and love poems and take you straight to the goods. 

Over the Christmas break I was on the eternal search for a new Sunday destination when I stumbled upon Jones and Sons in Dalston. It’s not on the high street or within spitting distance of the tube, which is why I believe it was completely empty when we arrived. If you knew how delicious their pancakes were and what my bill came to this cafe would be over run. In total both of our meals were £25.00! Yes, you read correctly and that’s not EACH. This might be this year’s Christmas miracle. orangeandcofeee Chris got the full English as always or as he calls it the full Irish. He preferred their blood pudding to the one at the Jones Family Project because it tasted more meaty and less grainy. fullenglish I went all out with the pancakes. You are meant to choose between mascarpone and blueberries or maple syrup and bacon, but I simply couldn’t decide. With no other customers I didn’t think they would mind if I asked to have all four. pancakes pancakes2These pancakes have crispy edges with soft centres and are stuffed with blueberries. They also come  with a ruddy huge side serving of mascarpone! pouringmaplesyrup clouseup meandcakes Another Christmas miracle was the weather. As we sat devouring brunch the sun shone in and I felt its’ warmth for the first time since Australia. myman Where’s Mister C? A bit like Where’s Waldo but you’re looking for a handsome Irish man. meandmyskine3While we were at brunch we got to discussing 2015 and our imminent move to New York. I feel like there is so much to organise and so little time, so Mister C offered to buy me a daily planner from Moleskine. There is a Moleskine pop-up in Shoreditch, which I suggest you go to for the full range of colours and limited edition books.  Normally I’m not a pink girl but I’m going through a really feminine stage at the moment. I particularly love how the planner includes conversions from the UK to US, it’ll be a NYC lifesaver.moleskineI also bought myself a Moleskine NYC map book. I have their Paris edition and it was the most discrete way to play tourist. No carrying around these hulking maps that scream, “I’M NOT FROM HERE!”, this black, no named guide will keep your secret safe and let you have your Carrie Bradshaw moment even while getting lost. meandmyskine2Talking about secrets, I hope you’ll keep Jones and Sons one for as long as possible because I see it becoming a Sunday staple. 

Who else has suggestions of London places that do a well-priced and delicious brunch?