Joe’s Pizza


Everyone knows about Joe’s Pizza- it’s as much a New York institution as the Empire State building. 

This weekend was a long one so we decided to take Sunday easy and do sweet nothing. Suddenly though, it was 6 p.m. and I had a big craving for pizza. Of all things on Mister C’s NYC tourist list, pizza is his biggest priority.  mozzarellapizzaWhen we arrived this mozzarella pizza was coming straight out of the oven. So of course we ordered two piping hot slices and hunkered down at the counter. In New York there are a load of extra toppings to add onto your pizza, chilli flakes, garlic salt and parmesan, it’s a free for all at the bar. pouring chillismeeatingpizzapizzapepporoniNext up and fresh out of the oven was an enormous pepperoni pizza. Mister C dutifully ran back to the till, grabbed two slices and got stuck in. joecookingThat’s the owner and founder, Joe Pozzuoli, who is originally from Naples. You can tell he’s true Italian because these crusts are thinner and crispier than the typical New York slice. There are photos of Joe with almost every famous celebrity you can think of, Leonardo Di Caprio, the Olsen twins, Bradley Cooper- the list goes on and on and on!napelspizzaI was full after round two but Mister C still had stamina for one more slice of Sicilian. This pizza looks like lasagne and is a lot fluffier than the rest. As a traditionalist I’m not sure this was his personal favourite but while we were there, queues of people were ordering these as fast as a slice of pizza. joe'spizzaIf you are in New York and craving thin crust pizza with simple flavours then head on down to Joe’s. You’ll never know what pizza is going to come out of the oven but I can guarantee it’ll always be delicious.