The most exciting news that came from my trip to Australia is that I am now engaged. 

A future Mrs. O’N in the making right here! ProposalI won’t go into too much detail but I can tell you that it happened at sunrise on a beach, he went down on one knee and said a whole lot of honest, un-cliched things about us and then I responded by ugly crying- full Kim K style. Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 12.14.00After the proposal Mister C popped some champagne while I called our close family. My sister’s reaction was priceless, as soon as I uttered the words ‘I’m engaged!’ she joined me in ugly crying and together we celebrated via FaceTime. Ring2For anyone wondering what it feels like to be proposed to all I can say is that it’s surreal. As soon as I realised that he was about to ask the BIG question I suddenly felt very proud and anxious for him. I can only imagine how vulnerable it would feel to kneel down and profess your most private thoughts before asking someone to marry you.  proposal 5Our relationship isn’t perfect but, in being ourselves, we give the other person what they subconsciously need. In my opinion that is what makes a successful relationship and I call it The Mary Poppins effect.  On the surface Mrs. Poppins is there to be the children’s nanny but what she actually does is save Mr. Banks and give back the family what they were missing. I feel that superficially your boyfriend is there to be your partner but what the really special ones do is change your whole life and make it immeasurably more complete.