House of Peroni


 Take a good long look people- this is the last you will see of sunshine in London because as we speak a hurricane is about to descend. 

The leather skirt is from Zara and is an absolute wardrobe staple. I bought it 3 years ago and if it ever breaks I will be at an absolute loss as to what to wear. The grey knit top is new and also from Zara, which should come no surprise to anyone who knows I worship that brand like it’s a cult. 


 After work Emma and I scuttled off to the October pop-up, the House of Peroni, to enjoy a night of cocktails and Italian market food. 

We never expected one house could be so fun and cultured all at once. Stepping through the front door was like being invited to a fabulous house party where the waiters are ridiculously cute and the booze flows all night. 


Each room was an artist’s interpretation of Italy, which made the house half art exhibition, half bar. I love nothing more than mixing alcohol and culture together,  imagine getting to do a wine tour of the Louvre.cocktails3wme

While exploring the second floor we found some delicious honey cocktails and a massive art installation. 

menu  menureadingOn the first floor I discovered my favourite room in the whole house. An Italian artist had created gold timepieces and globes to represent the timelessness of Roma, while the monochrome wallpaper represented the city’s architecture. Getting a table in this room was my mission of the evening so I began hovering by the door while giving seat occupiers my ultimate resting bitch face. Three attempts later and we were in! 


 Ain’t she just a stunner?! What did I tell you. 



Passionfruit, chilli and Peroni cocktails

bartenderI think our crush on this Italian Stallion was unashamedly obvious as we kept ordering our cocktails exclusively with him…. or it could be that I kept taking photos every time we went near the bar. It was all for you my dear readers! Promise. lamb

 Outside was the Italian night market where you could choose between a meat or meatball stall. If you go, try the lamb chops  as they WERE ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. I could have eaten a dozen of them. Emma and I took the man’s advice and ate the chops with our bare hands, much to the horror of a waitress nearby. 

cherrycocktailsCocktail number 6 of the night. Yes, 6. That’s 6 each. Not total. After this the photo’s become strictly between Emma and I as we were having far too much fun with a self timer and the blaring house music. However, because I love my readers too much to be selfish, you get to see  just one, which captures the second after a bartender tried to crash our photo shoot. That girl is so damn composed! room

banter For the rest of the night we danced to house music while Emma created a new dance move called,’The fat man pogo stick’, which had me in fits of giggles.

I would definitely suggest you head over to this pop-up, which is closing October 31st, and inject a bit of Italian culture into your Friday night.