House of Peroni Exclusive Sneak Preview

Earlier this week I was invited to preview the latest House of Peroni pop-up in Brick Lane. Even though there’s still a month to go until the opening, we were given an exclusive tour by the set designer, Simon Costin, who is transforming the space into an Italian Piazza. 

Simon has worked with everyone in the fashion industry from Hermes to the Alexander McQueen, who he just calls Lee, you know- as you do.  

As soon as we arrived, we were directed towards the bar to try the first House of Peroni ‘experience’ cocktails. I say experience because these were no standard drinks you’d expect to pay 2-for-1 during happy hour. These cocktails were something only a mixologist with a huge amount of creativity and talent could come up with, and naturally they were all made with Peroni.theairgoinginFor the first cocktail we were given a glass of vapour to quickly inhale with a straw before you sipped your drink. The flowery vapour was to compliment the orange inside the cocktail and remind you of Italy. It was definitely a first for me. capturedair medrinkingair  barThe second cocktail was a celery bloody Mary with volcanic ash salt. I personally found this too dry for a late afternoon, but I can only imagine how quickly it would go down on a hot day. bartasting2ashandcelerybagsmellingThe final and potentially the most strange drink experience of all was the air cocktail. I had to puncture a bag of air and inhale the orange blossom aroma before enjoying my drink. The smells reminded me of an evening in Positano, after a day of swimming and sunning on the beach. meandmydrinkHaving seen Simons’ vision for the warehouse I am positively itching with excitement for May 14th. For those unable to escape to Italy this year, may I suggest going to the House of Peroni and enjoying ‘la dolce far niente’- the sweet art of doing nothing. 

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