House of Peroni dinner

Our trip to Daphne’s was like something out of a slapstick comedy skit.

We took an Uber and the traffic was standstill. So we hobbled out  the car in higher than high heels to Holborn station only for the police to be blocking the entrance.shoesTurns out there had been an accident and now they were letting everyone in BUT only one at a time. When we arrived at South Kensington, no taxi would take us, so we had to drag our poor feet to the restaurant after one and a half hours of being on the move. What a nightmare!bartenderLuckily we were greeted by an Andonis  bartender who poured us a stiff drink. meanddrink And suddenly all was forgotten.newbottlePeroni had invited select guests to this seven course dinner to launch their new bottle, which will be released in 2015. (I got a sneak peek of it for you in Emma’s hot little hands)

roomThis was the entrance to our private dining room, where every guest had an Italian  waiter attending to their every culinary whim. tableA few days before the dinner I was asked to share an Italian experience. I didn’t really understand the point until  I saw a dish with my name on it, which the chefs created based on my own story.mereadingmenufigandmozzarellaThe starters included fig and mozzarella salad, garlic prawns and beef carpaccio with truffles. Naturally the two foodies at the table, Emma and I, whipped out our cameras and began a paparazzi frenzy to make all of Instagram jealous. prawns tableoffoodperoniThe new Peroni bottles are larger so that you can share them with friends and family over lazy meals.  We didn’t do much sharing with the rest of the table though and polished off a bottle between the two of us.  peroniandmeMy glass was magical, every time it got down to half way an Italian waiter would come and refill it- making sure it was never empty. emmahawtAs you can see Peroni were very generous in allowing us to try every drink on their menu and we were very obliging in tasting them all. glasses The first main was risotto with wild mushrooms. As you can see it’s clearly not a taster portion! risotto To help us digest I suggested we step outside for some fresh air and outfit photographs. Isn’t their restaurant door the perfect background?h2white Pants

Similar Shoes 

Handbag- Vintage ChanelbackoutfitWhen we went out I had a 50 something-year- old man enquire about my ‘bra constrictions’ before telling me that my top ought to be ‘more fitted’. This was by far one of the funniest critiques I’ve had during a photoshoot and we couldn’t stop giggling like schoolchildren afterwards. emmahawtTop 



lamb When we returned from our outdoor shoot a large plate of lamb greeted us.  Having had thirds of each starter and a whole risotto- I realised that my inner Bruce Bogtrotter had come out and now I was too full. Even my hallow legs were stuffed!backofoutfitWhile we were dining a pianist was playing Christmas carols and it made my heart melt with festive nostalgia. This could be the perfect place to take a date if you wanted a glass of wine, a dimly lit room and a cozy bar. cheeseDessert was pecorino with truffle honey followed by pistachio ice cream. Both Emma and I had vowed we would eat none of the cheese but then the other couple gifted us the whole platter. Looking at each other we knew it would be criminal to waste such an opportunity so  we ate a slice or four and it was gouda.