Herman Ze German

Most of you won’t know that part of me is German. I speak the language, I’ve lived in the country multiple times but most of all, I eat the local food with fervour- particularly their sausages. Hilda(My German alter-ego Hilda von Gretchenstein)

When I was working in Berlin there were men with mobile sausage grills on every street corner, making the würst available for eating all day and all night.

One of the most famous sausages in Berlin is the currywurst, a favourite of Mister C who discovered it during one of his trips to visit me (can you believe we were doing long-distance for more than 1 year?!) Currywurst is an odd combination of a German sausage mixed with curry ketchup, but what’s even more strange is that there’s a London chain who has caught onto this trend called Herman Ze German.hermanzegerman10 hermanzegermanTogether we ordered currywurst fries, a bratwurst, a no carbs fräulein sausage with fries and two Augustiners. Everything from their drinks to the pickles come from Germany, which makes me extremely nostalgic. I made one friend for life from Berlin and many a hard time was shared over an Augustiner or two. hermanzegerman4All the signs inside Herman ze German play on the German accent “ze sink”, “ze best” and I couldn’t stop getting the voice of Oaken aka “Yoo-hoo, Big Summer Blow Out” guy from Frozen out of my head. hermanzegerman2hermanzegerman6beersTheir currywurst sauce was sweeter than what we’re used to, which was a shame, but the wurst tasted just like it does in Germany. Next time though I want to try the sausage with fries, fried onions, currysauce and mayo- I saw someone else with it and felt some serious food envy. hermanzegerman3If you are ever hankering after real sausages with a side of German beer then it doesn’t get more authentic than this. It’s also not very expensive unless you are comparing it to Berlin prices, where you can grab a sausage for less then 2 Euros but hey, that doesn’t include the necessary airfare and hotel on top of that. hermanzegerman5As I was finishing up this post I thought about leaving you with a pun but jokes about German sausages are ze wurst. (Sorry)