3 creative hanging centrepieces

Things I love 2

1. The House that Lars Built  2. Style Me Pretty

3.  Martha Stewart 

Hanging centrepieces have become a huge wedding trend and I can definitely see the appeal. Nothing frustrates me more than talking to a tree in the middle of a table rather than a person. Because let’s be honest, no matter how Vogue Bridal that tree is, it will not never become a witty conversationalist.

Hanging centrepieces are the perfect way to include flowers into your wedding without disrupting the flow on each table and providing guests with extra space.

I chose each example for different reasons and different brides:

1. Balloons are a cost effective way to fill space on a hanging centrepiece or archway. Thanks to The House that Lars Built they show DIY brides how you can create this look at your own wedding. (Definitely stealing that idea!)

2.  For brides who love minimalistic decor with a nature theme then this centrepiece is for you. I love that it makes the dance floor the focal point of the room, reminding guests that this wedding is all about dancing and having fun. I’m also a lover of candle light so I can only imagine what those floating candle holders looked like after dark.

3. For those hosting a smaller wedding where your floral budget could be larger try mixing low and high centrepieces. This intimate space uses a white colour scheme to allow the two floral arrangements to flow together. I also love how organic the centrepiece feels- as though the florist went into the woods and just created this from what they found.