Hamilton Island Food Guide

Hamilton Island has a small variety of mid to high-end restaurants on offer but if you aren’t ordering seafood at every one of them then you are missing the point of being on an Australian island. 

After eating out for every meal I feel confident to give you my personal food guide of the island. 

Best Restaurant

Our absolute favourite restaurant, without a shadow of a doubt, is Coca Chu. Their South Asian menu is faultless from starter to dessert.

If you go there, you have to order the Wagyu steak. It does take thirty minutes to prepare the meat but I would’ve waited an hour for just one juicy bite of their beef. The Wagyu is served medium rare in a lime, garlic, chilli and soy sauce and is as soft as butter. duckWe ordered a selection of starters however the stand out was the lobster in betel leaves, which is pictured below. lobster

wontonsI was wanton’ more after our first visit so as we paid the bill, we also made another reservation.

Best Dessert:bakeryThese desserts were the cause of much frustration for my dad. He had been to the island a fortnight before our trip and fell completely in-love with their lemon meringues in a cup. So each morning he would skip out of our apartment to the island bakery and beg for just one lemon meringue. Unfortunately there was a jar shortage so when they finally restocked their shelves dad decided to buy every dessert in a cup that they had.  (This probably made us the most hated people on the island.) banoffeejarIf you do get your hands on one of these jars before my dad does you will be truly impressed. The only problem is that they are extremely decadent and ought to be shared otherwise you will end up with quite a Bruce Bogtrotter tummy ache. 

Best View & Best Cocktails:

The Bommie Deck not only does amazing cocktails but it boasts the best views on the island. Bommie was only recently constructed and from above the building looks like a Manta Ray. (You can see the tail on the far left in the pictures below)meinwhitedress

meinwhitedress2We decided that the best way to enjoy Bommie’s was to come down just before sunset. The only downside to this cocktail bar is the service- one waitress and over 30 guests a frustrated and thirsty Christiana does make. balconyThe Bommie balcony has become an iconic spot to take photographs because it stretches out above the sea, giving the illusion that you are standing on the edge of a luxury boat. 

 Most deluxe meal:

By far our most extravagant meal of the vacation was the seafood platter at Mariners. The moment I saw the waiter carrying those two plates heaving with seafood I knew we were in for a culinary treat.  It didn’t take long for the three of us to vulture circle the platter and leave nothing but bones in our wake. seafoodThe seafood also comes with hot chips and a fresh salad, so you really aren’t left in want of anything. fishplatter

fishplatter2One more close up to make your stomach grumble. whitedressdinner2

 Best Low-End Food:

Nothing beasts fresh fish n’ chips and a bucket of prawns. The island takeaway shop is perfect if you want to scoot off in your golf buggy to a romantic look out spot and enjoy a picnic for two.fishnchipsAs the sun sets, a mobile cocktail bar opens up on the top of a hill that boasts 360 degree views of Hamilton. Most of the island restaurants are rather formal so fried fish and cocktails are actually a welcome and relaxing change.