Festive date night at Ottolenghi

Last week I scored myself a date with Mister C at Ottolenghi in Angel.

I’ve eaten there multiple times for a quick lunch but never have I considered it date-night worthy. Oh, how wrong I was. 

Dimly lit candles and small tables for two, this place is definitely a lot more romantic at night than it is during the day. 

menucandlesvegThe Ottolenghi signature salads are still part of the dinner menu but there is also a huge choice from the kitchen. breadplate saladWe ordered the garlic confit green beans because we’ve been dating long enough not to care along with the, ‘every time we go there staple’, filet steak with mustard coriander sauce. meandottobeefandsaladFrom the kitchen we had vegetable tempura with burned eggplant and truffle honey.  It was a naughty treat but nothing in comparison to who graced us at Ottolenghi. tempura meandottolenghiTHE YOTAM OTTOLENGHI was dining at the same time we were. Mister C encouraged me to be polite and approach him so with his support I wondered over. Apologising profusely for interrupting I proceeded to drop everything in my hands while a poor waiter kept picking up my things. 

I have to say he is the most friendly and charming chef I have ever met. He even gave me a KISS on the cheek. A KISS from Yotam. I swooned. carolersSkipping with childish happiness after meeting Yotam I dragged Mister C along to the old post office for the secret second part of our date. 

I heard that Angel was inaugurating an enormous mistletoe chandelier that night and I wanted in on the festive cheer. 

When we arrived there were Christmas carolers, fake snow and of course, the largest mistletoe I’ve ever seen.  As the crowd began singing Holy Night I got rather teary thinking of my family. This is exactly the kind of thing my mum would love to be part of. 

Once the carolers ended their Christmas sing-a-long I gave Mister C a big kiss under the mistletoe and if you want to see a picture of the two of us please head over to my Twitter account. meandthewallmistletoeDo you realise that it’s less than 10 sleeps until Christmas? Oh my goodness!