Date Night- British Museum and The Lady Ottoline

There is nothing quite like a day date that seamlessly flows into the evening. 

So I was delighted when Mr. C called me up early Saturday morning and suggested that we spend the afternoon looking at free exhibitions inside the British Museum followed by an early dinner. 

I did however, have one priority before the date and that was to nap. It had been months since I afforded myself a lazy weekend and I wasn’t going to give it up. 

The only problem with napping is that you are left feeling rather dazed and throwing together a date outfit just doesn’t make the priority list when there’s coffee and showers to be had. 


 This camel coat is by Mango and the scarf is by Zara. You can see me wearing the coat over on this blog post, but if you love it- hurry as it’s selling out. 

museum roof

egypt museum

The Egyptian wing is free to explore and is really worth a looksie if you are into history. Standing among the tombs and gates, which were all created by hand, fills you with such awe when you think about how much hard work went into it. memusuem

The ripped jeans are by Zara, shoes are Converse and that resting bitch face is all me.  


This is the Rosetta Stone- thought I would share a sneak peek of it but you really ought to see it yourself.

ottoline exterior

After exploring the museum for an hour we strolled hand in hand over to The Lady Ottoline. (This pub is hidden on the corner of a quiet road so it’s a real secret find- you could really impress a date with your inside London knowledge if you took them there.) 


Because I had heard so many positive reviews about the food at The Lady Ottoline, it was all we could talk about on the walk over. So when we heard that the dining room kitchen was not open for another 10 minutes we simply couldn’t wait and settled on dishes from the bar menu.  I ordered the Fish n’ Chips and was surprised to find that everything on my plate was homemade, including the tartare sauce. After one bite I knew this was no ordinary bar food, this was gourmet gastropub dining. 


 A delighted- can’t believe how delicious that was, smile. 


 They really cod-n’t do it batter than this! 


 Mr. C ordered a hamburger, which was also handmade down to the spicy beef patty. Although his was delicious, I think he had some serious food envy. 

If you’re wanting a food and culture date then I highly recommend enjoying a day of exhibitions followed by a lazy dinner at a cosy pub.