Cucumber Gin & Tonic Sorbet


You’ve got dessert and my favourite drink combined into one recipe- dare I say, I’m in love!

With weather in the high 20s the ice cubes  in my G&T have been melting faster than I could get through a drink. The solution: (It’s not drink faster!) Pour this sorbet recipe into ice cubes so that way when they melt it only doubles the strength of your drink rather than weakening it. GENIUS!


As much as you can handle- Gin ( I love Monkey 47- it has a spice to it)

1/2 large cucumber shredded in a food processor

600 ml bottle of tonic water

1/2 lime juice


200 ml water

120 grams caster sugar


To make the syrup, heat  the water with the sugar over a medium heat

Remove the syrup from the heat and let it cool

Combine the tonic water, gin, lime juice, cucumber and  cooled syrup together

Sieve the mixture to ensure the larger chunks of cucumber are removed before pouring it into ice cube trays

Freeze, serve or eat on it’s own