Hello Readers!

Sorry for the radio silence. I stupidly left my computer charger in New York, so my laptop has been laying dead while I suffer in bed with the worst jet lag. 

One of my final New York food posts is from THE Manhattan restaurant du jour, Cosme. They serve strong margaritas with a grapefruit rim and some truly original Mexican tapas. mebeforecosmeNow please forgive me for the selfie. It’s hopefully the first and last time you will find one on this blog. There are just days when you find yourself all alone and with no other option but to suck it up and take one hundred photos desperately hoping there’s one decent picture amongst the lot. 

We shared five plates amongst four of us and I definitely had a few favourites by the end of the night. avocadowithlimeI loved the avocado stuffed with seafood and horseradish, the fish tasted like it was caught straight out of the sea but with a creamy kick. saladcosmeThe burrata with salsa verde was a big hit with Mister C. He said it was the softest he’s ever had the pleasure of eating. So for those who love cheese, which I believe is everybody, don’t skip this dish.sashimicosme The raw hamachi was so fresh it was like sinking your teeth into butter.ocotopuscosmeI don’t know about you, but I always have reservations about ordering octopus. It’s really hard to keep the tentacles tender when you’re cooking it, so it was a real surprise to chew into a mouthful of soft, spicy flesh. duckcarnitasFinally, we had the duck carnitas. This is the dish everyone is talking about so of course we couldn’t resist trying it for ourselves. The duck was served family style in a large skillet and as head table carver it was my job to serve the troops.  cornmeringuecosmeFor dessert I had the ‘famous’ husk meringue with corn mousse. Yes it sounds strange, almost unsavoury, but I promise it lives up to the foodie hype. The corn is surprisingly sweet and I believe it was churned through a sieve to make it extra smooth. So if you find yourself with a hallow leg after supper, satisfy your curiousity and try the meringue. 

I’m so sad to think that is one of my final meals in New York- I dislike the word final, but what I dislike even more is the word goodbye. Just a few more days to go, better make the most of it.