Anonymous confessions of a wedding photographer


I think wedding photography is the most high pressured job in the industry. You cannot miss a moment and somehow you need to be everywhere at once  for up to 10 hours all while working on a diet of wedding joy and sparkles.

A few weeks ago I was sharing a drink with a wedding photographer who confessed all and I realised their words needed to be heard by the brides-to-be masses. So before you hire your photographer make sure you read this interview carefully because what you may not realise is, that photographer is choosing you as a client as much as you are choosing them as a vendor!

Q: What questions do you hate being asked by potential clients?

Anything overly technical. When your questions are more focused on what camera kit I have and how I process my RAW images then it can send the wrong signal. It suggests that you’re more into showing off about your own technical knowledge than appreciating the art of photography. Better questions are around your love of the photographers style. Technical chat can always come later if you’re a real camera nut, but they’re always better when you’ve bonded with your photographer.

Q: You are approached by dozens of brides-to-be every month. What questions can clients that would make you want to work with them?

How can I relax on camera so you get the best photographs of us?
Can I work with you on timings for the day?

Q: What are the biggest crimes regularly committed against wedding photographers? 

Not being fed is definitely up there! The challenge is so many venues have no additional bar area for your suppliers to go during the wedding breakfast. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but given your wedding suppliers will work long days without even a toilet break, you really want to feed them to keep them going. Being nice and kind to your wedding suppliers goes along way.

Being bossy is ok ay as long as you’re ok with taking advice from experts in return. Remember you’re not an expert on everything. As much as you want to be in control of all the details, your wedding day will be much more fun if you trust your photographer to do their job and your hair stylist to do theirs, and so on.

Q: What is your favourite part of the day?

I love prep for getting to know everyone. The ceremony for how personal and important it is. Most of all I love time with the bride and groom for portraits. This is the fun, creative bit where they get to spend time together and as photographers we get to capture their personalities.

Q: What do you think a bride and groom fail to appreciate about your line of work?

That the wedding day is only a small part of our day. Picking the images and editing them takes much longer. Remember that’s part of what your paying a professional photographer for.

Q: A majority think wedding photographers are extortionately expensive to that you say……

In a nutshell you get what you pay for.   Remember the amount of work and hours that goes into each and every wedding and if you love their work then there’s a reason (they will be good at what they do and will take care over their work) It’s not the kind of job that’s going to set the world on fire with its salary expectations, so don’t think your photographer is ‘creaming it’. Chances are they’re working flat out because they are passionate about what they do. Remember too the costs that come with running your own business: tax, vat, computer and camera kit to name but a few.