Clinton St. Baking Company


We landed in New York late Friday night after a boozy flight spent mostly hanging around the Virgin bar. 

When we woke up on Saturday it was a brisk -8 degrees Celsius outside, which feels like cold fingers going down your spine while someone else slaps your face with an ice pack in front of an industrial fan. 

Luckily we will never be stuck with the conundrum of where to eat in New York because I created a long list of places to try during our 2-month visit. (You can view that list here and if you have any suggestions please let me know.)leavingClintonSt.BakeryFirst on our ‘Must-Eat list’ was weekend brunch at Clinton St. Baking Company. My sister warned me that the queues are long but I didn’t realise how long until I was told there was a minimum wait time of “2 hours”.

Discouraged I told Mister C the news, who then asked the maître d why we couldn’t sit at the bar. It seems no one else wanted to squash into a 2 metre space next to the front door but we braved it, in hopes that the food would justify the tight quarters. meandcoffeenordicbreakfast And boy did it! I know that their pancakes are legendary but I ‘m not a sweet breakfast kind of girl. So we both ordered a special Nordic breakfast with potato pancakes, smoked salmon, poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce and salmon roe. eatingmyeggsThe food came out quickly and the service wasn’t rushed despite the endless amount of hopeful brunchers coming through the door.entranceClintonStrunningeggsOne more shot of our egg-celent brunch before I hoover it up.

Overall, this place is worth trekking down from Upper West to the Lower East Side but I wouldn’t wait two-hours for their brunch. 

After endless refills of coffee, we decided to head down to the World Trade Centre memorial and museum. If anyone is following our itinerary to a T, then take the M9 bus from Clinton St. Baking Company directly to the financial district. outsideWTCThe memorial is really moving, as is the museum. I didn’t feel comfortable taking lots of photos because it’s the emotion that this place evokes, which truly makes it worth your while. If you are in New York I would add this museum to one of your top cultural things to do while visiting the city. FDNY