What I wish I had known before planning my wedding

Welcome to a new but regular feature on the blog, which will ask brides what they wish they had known before planning and budgeting their wedding. This means that I am now not only scouring the UK for wedding vendors, I am also looking for brides willing to talk about a subject we are told never to discuss- money.

Our first bride is Caesara, who’s wedding looks like it fell straight from a bridal magazine. She got married to James in July last year at Camden Town Hall and hosted the reception at 06 St. Chads Place. You’d never know looking at how stylish both the venue and couple are but this bride was very money savvy, with the flowers costing only £200! Yes, you read that correctly. To know how she pulled that off, plus loads more budget advice, read the full interview below.  

Photographs thanks to Kat Hill

Q: What do you wish you knew before planning your day?

I would have loved to find a website that specialised in ‘relaxed’ wedding venues. It was very hard finding a venue that was reasonable but cool and had an edgy, urban feel which is what we wanted. I ended up stumbling on 06 Chad’s place by checking out my photographer’s website.

Q: Did anything cost more than you expected or budgeted?

We had a ‘make do and mend’ type of philosophy so I’m happy to say that most things were in budget. The photographer was the most expensive but definitely worth it.

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Photography thanks to Kat Hill

Q: Where did you save money?

Making my own flowers for the tables and bouquets. It’s amazing how expensive flowers are! I used this website and got all my flowers and flower accessories for £200. Then I had to use a LOT of elbow grease and imagination to put them together.

Q: What did you have to hire a professional to do and what did you find you could yourself?

The photographer had to be professional. We did most other things ourselves, my mum made my cakes, I made the flowers.

Q: What part of your wedding cost the most but you don’t regret spending the extra cash on?

The Photographer!! Kat Hill is wonderful. 

Q: Any general tips you think future brides-to-be should know about planning.

SHOP AROUND! Make sure you stare at wedding blogs to get tips and ideas because you really don’t have to spend a lot to have a great day. Also, you can have the dress of your dreams if you find an amazing dress maker. I was lucky enough to have Charlotte Wilden of Wilden Bride design make mine and it was an amazing process to be part of. If you want something unique, definitely check her out- here. 

P.S. If you want to see the full wedding album by photographer Kat Hill just click here.

DIY wedding at a traditional London pub

Hidden in every London borough is a traditional pub full of character that only the locals have discovered. In Wandsworth that would be The Brewers Inn, where Mark and Friesia hosted their wedding reception.

The couple wanted guests to feel relaxed, like they were celebrating at their home, which is what inspired them to style the pub with whimsical objects and plants from their backyard.

Dressing a venue yourself is not only cost effective but it ensures that the space looks exactly as you had envisioned (and Pinterested). This wedding is full of décor ideas for money conscious brides who are not willing to compromise on style- so ladies take note.

Their photographer Amy captured all these unique details plus she took some very candid photos of the guests looking exactly as the couple hoped- calm and oh so happy. Some of my favourite touches are their D.I.Y photo booth along with the message board offering props ‘fo yo selfies’. I love when brides don’t take their day too seriously because it allows the guests to really let their hair down.

Now we all know the long running joke about bridesmaids dresses, right? Well, these lucky maids can seriously wear their rockabilly dresses by Vivienne of Holloway again. The cocktail length and cut is so flattering you would want to find any excuse to wear them- a trip to Waitrose demands formal attire, right?

Thanks Mark and Friesia for letting me share your day and also to Amy for capturing it so beautifully.




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