I read somewhere that a well tailored suit is to women is what lingerie is to men and I couldn’t agree more. 

While I was in Los Angeles my sister and I were invited to the launch of STITCH, a luxury alterations service that breaks the ‘back of a hot, dirty dry cleaner’ mould we have all come to associate with tailoring, and surprisingly it’s at an affordable price. 

If you’ve ever had something made to fit you, you’ll know what I’m talking about-changing in the back of a dry cleaner, standing under a fluorescent light- the whole experience is a hot mess. 

So the idea of walking into a marble clad tailor with leather seats, private changing rooms and flattering lighting is a much welcome change, and with it’s location on Melrose it means anyone visiting or living in Los Angeles can access this service. Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.20.13 Photo courtesy of STITCHmeandsammyIMG_7077 2Of course I am a foodie so its important I tell you that all the catering was vegan, which truly changed my opinion on what I thought was rabbit food. sewingroomThat’s the owner Alex, in a tailored suit, and may I just say- proof in point of the statement above!ironingboardstitchWith awards season in full swing I can only imagine how hot and high in demand this service will be. 

Now for all those in Los Angeles wanting to get some luxury tailoring done, either at home or in store, then have I got you sorted! Click here to get an exclusive discount but this offer is for a limited time only, so hurry on in.


Son of a Gun

I discovered one of the most delicious lunch spots in Los Angeles- Son of a Gun. Not only does their food look very pretty- it tastes damn good too. 

There’s a range of surf and turf options, which suited everyone’s taste at the table. grapefruitavocado My sister Sammy opted for the grapefruit and avocado salad, which was a real surprise as I thought the two flavours wouldn’t mix. Now I definitely want to recreate this recipe at home. oysterssongI love that oysters are in season here so naturally I have been ordering them by the dozen as often as I can, whenever I can. insidesonofagunchickenburgerSammy’s boyfriend had the fried chicken sandwich. which was monster sized. We discussed how to tackle it and ultimately realised you just had to go for it, eyes closed, and leave your dignity behind. saladMum was sensible and had a large salad with a tapas portion of prawn toast. To be honest when I read the words ‘prawn toast’ on the menu I just overlooked it, but oh my goodness- that was the most delicious thing on the menu. This is a MUST order if you go. lobsterrollminilemonlobsterrollminiI also ordered a tapas portion of Lobster Roll, which was delicious but not half as flavourful as the prawn toast. prawntoast limeicecreamFor dessert I ordered lime sorbet with graham cracker crust and baked meringue. It was almost too pretty to eat…almost. sonofagunPinkwallAfter lunch we went to get our hair blown for a launch that I’ll tell you all about next post.