Dear 2014 Christiana

Looking back on 2014 this is what I wish I could have told myself on January 1st as the New Year was rung-in. Does anyone else have a letter they’d like to share? I would love to hear about the life lessons and experiences you’ve gained. 

Dear Christiana, 

You don’t know it yet but this year is a game changer. You will start off with a boyfriend and end up with a fiancé. While the relationship dynamic won’t change there’s a ‘je ne sais quoi’ about knowing outright that the man you love will be there until you’re old. Ring2Talking about relationships, that long-distance thing you’ve been doing has to stop. You’ve been with him longer apart than together in the same country and no job is worth the sacrifice.  Your boss will support you moving back to London, but he will also also snidely tell you to just go off and have children then, if your relationship is so damn important. Laugh it off, you won’t be working there much longer.

That job will give you experiences, which you will be telling your grandchildren about. Remember the Syria emergency meeting in Brussels where everyone else was male and at least twice your age? One man will ask who that diplomat was, you’ll loudly say “William Hague”, and finally feel worth your salt. At pressers fellow journalists will often ask what news agency you are doing your internship for but once you tell them your new London job title they’ll back off.Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.59.42(That’s Obama and it’ll be the highlight of 2014 producing this press event. You’ll also meet David Cameron and interview a Normandy war veteran.)

No one will quite believe that at your age you have taken on so much responsibility and once you quit, most future employers won’t either. Just work incredibly hard and they’ll soon understand that age has never defined your abilities. 

Talking about work, your blog will be worth the hours of photographing, writing and editing, so please keep at it even when those niggling doubts creep in. 

By the end of the year you’ll have attracted enough visitors to fill the Sydney Opera House concert hall five times over, be proud of that statistic, and don’t be embarrassed to let people know that. meandhairFinally, stop overanalysing what might or might not happen in 2015 and don’t forget that there is no such thing as luck, it’s just a combination of opportunity and practice. So keep studying as your education will be never ending, keep blogging as success isn’t a reward for the lazy and learn to forgive those you love more easily. Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 13.19.34

P.S. You’re kinda fabulous as you are. 




The blog is moving to…..

meandhat Brrrr…. It’s officially cold in London and time to get snuggled up in your warmest clothes.

Luckily I found this extremely cozy beanie from Topshop last week, which stylishly acknowledges the festive season without being gaudy. meandhairpulling detailshairMy navy/black leather jacket is from Sandro and is so thick no wind can get in- making it the perfect beginning of winter staplevillageeastdetailsIt’s shameful to admit but I haven’t seen my brothers since I got engaged so last weekend we remedied that at Village East. My brother warned me that he would be feeling very hungover so I chose a place that serves brunch until 4 p.m. on a weekend. tableoffoodI wish I could say hugely positive things about Village East but the experience overall was lacklustre. We got two different excuses about why brunch could not be served. One was about a faulty machine and the other about a messy prepping station, neither made complete sense, but it was clear we were not to be served the following: bacon, sausages, mushrooms or black pudding. It left us with a lunch menu, plain eggs or a campfire breakfast, which we all ordered. beansandeggs beanscloseuoOur campfire breakfast had been described as beans, pork shoulder and eggs. We all expected it be dominantly meaty but instead it was a plate of undercooked beans with a few bits of pork.bloodymaryOn the plus side they serve a strong Bloody Mary and a “great pint” according to Mister C. So maybe it’s the perfect place to stop by if you are feeling thirsty as they have a separate bar area for drop-ins. barvillageeastBut to leave things on a positive note I have some big news to share with you all, the blog is moving for 2 months. Can you guess where? reveal“Start spreading the news……”reavealmyjumper“The blog is leaving today…… “( actually January but then it wouldn’t fit in with the song lyrics)mekneesup“I want to be a part of it…” That’s right, kick up those heels and start dancing with me because we are off to New York, New York!NYcornerI will be posting all things food, culture, fashion and awesome from my home away from home until March 2015. I cannot tell you how excited I am to blog from a city that epitomises all the things I covet- style, frivolity, ambition and luxury. 

And hey, as Frank Sinatra sang, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”…..