Wolf whistling and Hoi Palloi

Two weekends ago while walking towards London Bridge I stumbled into House of Fraser and ended up in Whistles. (Complete accident- a strong wind pushed me through the door and it was all out of my control) I quickly found myself trying on their entire collection and fell in-love with two autumn pieces that I just had to have. A high waisted skater skirt and ‘C’est Chic’ jumper. I already bought a pair of knee high boots from Zara last season so in my head the outfit was ready to go from H2T (head to toe)- I just needed an excuse to dress up. 

ootd posing
Zara hat (similar found here) – Whistles C’est Chic jumperWhistles Knitted Skater Skirt– Zara boots- Vintage Chanel handbag

So when Mr. C suggested he go get coffee and croissants for Saturday breakfast I balked at the generous offer like any sane woman ought to do. 

“No. We must leave and go to Hoi Palloi for brunch. It’s time to start the day and get fresh air.” Fresh air was code for go out in my new outfit and take photographs.

I think it was sometime between me showering and prepping the camera that he abandoned the idea of sitting in his sweats and accepted his inevitable fate of being a bloggers partner. 

coffee sugar ft

Hoi Palloi is an East London brunching institution. A small orchestra plays modern music like ‘Happy’ while you tuck into eggs bennie, a definite must order. Their low lighting, attentive service and music is also the perfect anecdote for hungover mornings and ‘I’m sorry I dragged you out of bed’ apologies.  

mushroom and ricotta

Stupidly, we decided not to order the eggs and opted for mushrooms on toast with ricotta. To be honest, it was more like ricotta on toast with mushrooms, which was particularly disappointing for a Hoi Palloi regular like myself. The whole reason I love their brunch is because no matter what I order it’s always delicious, so if you do go here just avoid that one dish.

ootd closeup  jumpingIn my attempts to get this shot I flashed my pants to a man on his break from the Albion Cafe and I cannot tell you how hard we both laughed when we realised that it had all been caught on camera! Whoops. Don’t ever underestimate what I wouldn’t do for the sake of this blog .chanel handbag

walking  ootd_

I hope to stumble into you at Hoi Palloi and please don’t hesitate to say hello. 

Tenshi Japanese

White after labour day? Oh no she didn’t! Today you are coming on a date night with me and Mr. C to see where we go and what we do in London. 

standing hand on hip

As temperatures soared to 21 degrees Celsius I was faced with a wardrobe conundrum. Do I have one last summer rebellion and wear head to toe white or do I listen to the Game of Thrones voice in my head telling me: “The winter is coming. This one will be long and dark”?

Of course I chose white. I love how clean it looks and these jeans feel like a second skin, which in girl world is hard to come by.

blazer hold

 Jeans (similar can be found here) Top Shoes by Gap are sold out

We all know you must be wined before you’re dined so  we met at The Angelic for a drink and a quick after work catch up. This pub trumps others in the area because of it’s location and seasonal food. Sitting just off Upper Street it boasts less crowds meaning more date night privacy. Woot wooooo. 

wide texting

For dinner we went to the Japanese restaurant Tenshi on Upper Street. This is one of those rough diamond London restaurants, overlooked by people who care only about accolades and stars, but loved by Islington locals and foodies. 

It seems, however, that the secret is out about Tenshi because when we arrive on Monday night the restaurant is absolutely heaving. 

Although it lacks romantic ambience, for all those who are taking out a foodie like myself, I’d say,  “Screw the fairy lights, I’ll take two more inside out rolls instead.” 

prawn tempura

Prawn tempura and avocado sushi and handroll


Aubergine with miso and sesame paste

chicken katsu

Chicken Katsu

soft shell crab

Chilli mayo and soft shell crab inside out roll

What I particularly love at Tenshi is that their sushi is warm, meaning their Japanese chefs prepare the food to order. I know this may seem a low standard to have but in a city full of ready made sushi and overcooked rice, my mouth dances at the taste of it. 

My favourite dish of the night was the traditional nasu dengaku, aubergine with miso and sesame paste. It is the definition of moreish and you will find yourself unashamedly licking the plate clean. 

tenshi interior

Overall Tenshi gets a high rating from the two of us and it is perfect for a foodie date night or a casual dinner with friends. Can you believe that the price of all that food plus drinks came to 40 pounds! 

This isn’t a heels kind of place but how dressed up you want to be just depends on how confidently you wear the clothes. Ball gown, mini dress or boyfriend jeans- just love yourself like Kanye loves himself. 

knicker bocker glory

To top the night off we went to Byron for a Knickerbocker Glory. I say we, what I meant to say is that I devoured a whole Knickerbocker Glory while Mr. C had a latte. It was the perfect sweet end to another fun date night. 

Food: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/ 5

Date Rating : ❤ ❤ ❤/ 5

Price: ( Mid-range) ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/ 5