Burger Joint

Can you believe that hidden somewhere inside this swanky hotel lobby, complete with marble flooring, is a secret burger joint?

New York locals, guests of Le Parker Meridien and burger addicts all queue out the door for their burgers. 

I discovered this place when I was a hotels guest one New Years Eve with my family and knew it was somewhere Mister C would just salivate over. We arrived late at night and it was still packed. meintheburgerjoint4hamburgersThe burgers come wrapped in paper and the fries are served in a bag. It’s all low key here. There aren’t a lot of burger options but it’s the simplicity that makes this place so popular. Food trends will come and go in New York but cheeseburgers will always be a staple. burgerjointstandBurger joint is covered in graffiti, old movie posters and signs drawn on cardboard, which is not what you’d expect inside a luxury hotel. burgerjointwrapped burgerjointwrapped2 Even better, they serve their burgers medium rare and it was perfect!burgerjointseating The only downside is that because it’s located inside a hotel, they charge hotel prices for beer. Be warned!  burgerjointstandbeer meintheburgerjointThe only way to know about this Burger Joint is to look for this sign down an unmarked hallway, which is tucked inside a corner of the hotel lobby. Once you do find it you will be rewarded with a serious burger experience.