Bird Restaurant

As New York neared and we still hadn’t organised an engagement party, we began to wonder how, when or if we should celebrate. 

Originally we thought about renting a private bar, but with our departure date so close to Christmas and New Years there was nothing available.

So we forgot about the party until ‘Bird’ came up in conversation while talking about things we wanted to do before moving to NYC. Bird is a fried chicken place in Shoreditch we’ve snuck into a few times as a guilty pleasure because Mister C has a weakness for ‘finger lickin’ chicken’. 

Now we know fried chicken is a bit unconventional but so are we, so the “engagement rings and chicken wings” party was born. And you know what, everyone loved both the food and the theme! I just contacted the owner, pre-ordered the food and everything else was organised for me. chickenwingsWe had 15 guests, so I ordered eight whole birds covered in glazes as well as a few plain ones served with a load of sauces ranging from flaming hot chilli to the more mild ranch, soy and maple. birdmenuSpeaking of unconventional nothing goes better with fried chicken than sparkling! Cheers to breaking the mould. sauces birdrestaurantmeandsauceywingsTucking in with fervour. champagneCheers to being engaged- I still celebrate inside my head everyday. birdNow if you want an idea of what your wedding day will feel like have an engagement party. I felt like I only spoke to the people at my end of the table while I barely said anything to those down the other end. Having said that, I didn’t even have a proper conversation with those sat beside me, it was more the odd chime-in or laugh at a joke before someone else pulled my attention away. While I love being surrounded by friends, I felt awfully guilty at the end of the night for not having spoken more than three words to some of our guests. 

As we sat in the cab driving home, I began telling all of this to Mister C who turned to me and said, “But honey, our wedding day isn’t for us, it’s for them. Don’t worry.” 

Gee why hadn’t I thought of that?