Belle Époque Patisserie

Stepping into this Islington patisserie with their large glass displays full of deliciousness is my foodie version of ‘la belle époque’.belleepoqueThere are infinite possibilities to choose from- salted butter caramel eclairs to brioche, we just couldn’t decide. So naturally when one can’t decide, one should just order everything she see’s. Or so the logic goes.

I am almost (not really) embarrassed to admit this but here is what we ordered: one croissant, two slices of quiche, mango and passionfruit mousse, lemon meringue tart, chocolate eclair, pains aux raisins and an apricot alsacienne tart.  

Apologies to anyone who found nothing but crumbs in our wake last Sunday. tableoutsidemarblecakescroissnatstableA proper French croissant with crispy pastry and crunchy edges. pastriesbelleepoquewindowEvery passerby on Upper Street stops outside Belle Époque, stares for a minute and then points with delight at all the delicious cakes. amycroissantAmy trying to decide. Emphasis on trying. lemonmeringuetartchoosingpastriesMe ordering the entire store and practising my rusty French. passionfruit mangopassionfruitmangoeating…. and then eating it. passionfruitmangohalf outsideshopAs we rolled out more than two hours later we smiled as people continued the tradition of pressing their noses against the display window. 

I highly recommend Belle Époque if you are craving a slice of Paris in London and have no time for the real thing. Walking through their black door, filled me with fond memories of being back in St Germain and I will definitely return.