Beauty and Essex

I’ve just discovered where the term Sunday Funday was born- Beauty and Essex. 

Hidden behind a pawn shop storefront is an enormous two-level restaurant and bar.

The bottom floor is a well lit dining room, while the top floor has a large bar with speakers that blare out house music by 11:00 a.m.  (When we left at midday a man descended down the stairs covered head to toe in glow sticks while screaming the lyrics to David Guetta.)

Brunch at Beauty and Essex is served tapas style, so just order a bunch of small plates and keep the mimosa’s flowing. pancakeslemonFirst up was the ricotta and lemon pancakes with blueberries. If you are a fan of thick American pancakes then you’ll dive right into this plate face first. pancakesyruo tableoffoodNext up was grilled cheese dumplings in tomato soup and a platter of smoked salmon pizetta. I wasn’t sure about these dumplings but they turned out to be one of the best things on the menu. The smoked salmon is also a must-order and comes topped with horseradish, capers and onions. Yum!dumplingsmacandcheeseMacaroni and cheese with bacon- I don’t like thick penne pasta when baking this dish at home but to each their own. meandchampagnethefishtacos2Lobster taco’s were hands down the favourite. I am still dreaming about these fried bad boys. barbeautyandessex secretdoorbeauty The secret door that you pass through to get into brunch. After a few mimosa’s you might end up feeling much like Alice in Wonderland trying to find the door leading back out. lampsnandmirror beautyandessexoutsideIf you like a boogie with your brunch then make this restaurant your top priority. But I’m warning you now- Beauty and Essex isn’t a secret despite the fake storefront, everyone knows that this is the place to be on Sunday, so make a reservation well in advance.