Athenaeum Hotel Garden Room High Tea

On boxing day the three O’Neill (I’m so close I count, right?) women decided to enjoy high tea in the garden room at the Athenaeum Hotel in Mayfair. 

The hotel has a living garden wall growing outside the tea room, providing guests with floor to ceiling views of the greenery growing outside. When we arrived it began bucketing down. I find it so comforting hearing rainfall while being snuggled inside with family and a never ending teapot of darjeeling. 

After being seated, waiters in waistcoats offered me a wooden board of tea to choose from before arriving with the most decadent three tiers of finger food and desserts. 

viewofroomteateatablepouringteathreetierssconesandcreamWhen our waiter told us that a dessert trolley would be wheeled on over we seriously thought it a joke. But low and behold out came a three level dessert extravaganza for us to choose from. caketrolleyI ordered the Victoria sponge, which had a bottom crisp enough to make Mary Berry proud and a really fluffy sponge centre. cakeslicetableteachristiana1The tea rooms have enormous wing back chairs to cuddle up into, which really helps when you need a quiet moment to digest.  They also offer more private seating alcoves for groups of four, which allow the girls to talk about just about anything without being overheard. sconeswcurddogThese tea rooms are officially approved by The Tea Guild and would make a really special treat for both locals and tourists alike. During this bleak London winter I can think of nothing more I’d want to do than get dressed up, eat a mountain of desserts and chat for hours with the girls.

After three hours we waddled out the garden room and took a sneak peek into the fanciest loo powder room I’d ever seen. (Of course I had to take a pic)fancy looNothing beats a WC that has a separate seating area complete with mouthwash and bottled water.

If you’re looking for proper English high tea in a luxurious setting then you must book yourself in ASA-Tea.