May 2017
  1. My Anxiety and I
May 2015
  1. One day in Paris
  2. Paris, mais oui!
April 2015
  1. House of Peroni Exclusive Sneak Preview
  2. Ass-a Soup
  3. Mexican soup with guacamole and prawns
March 2015
  1. £5.00 Pumpkin and spinach soup
  2. Fit and Healthy Recipes
  3. New York Round Up
  4. Cosme
  5. The Dutch
February 2015
  1. Mermaid Inn Oyster Bar
  2. Beauty and Essex
  3. Pies n’ Thighs
  4. Valentines Day
  6. Son of a Gun
  7. Los Angeles- PaliHotel
  8. Totto Ramen
  9. Mighty Quinn’s
January 2015
  1. Gansevoort Market
  2. ‘Surviving’ the New York Blizzard
  3. Sunday in Manhattan
  4. Pastrami Queen
  5. Joe’s Pizza
  6. Burger Joint
  7. Mexican Standoff
  8. Clinton St. Baking Company
  9. Bird Restaurant
  10. Dear 2014 Christiana
  11. Jones and Sons
  12. Herman Ze German
  13. Meat Mission
  14. The Jones Family Project
December 2014
  1. Athenaeum Hotel Garden Room High Tea
  2. Furry Christmas Eve
  3. Story Deli Pizza
  4. Belle Époque Patisserie
  5. Black Forest Hot Chocolate
  6. Sager and Wilde
  7. Pumpkin and apple soup with kale chips
  8. The blog is moving to…..
  9. Festive date night at Ottolenghi
  10. Sunday Roast at William IV
  11. Night Tales and Narnia
  12. Girl Meets Dress, Meets Cinderella Moment
  13. Announcing my engagement
  14. House of Peroni dinner
  15. Après-ski into Le Chalet, Selfridges
  16. I’M ENGAGED!!!!
  17. Shelling seafood by the seashore
November 2014
  1. The Potting Shed
  2. St. Pancras Engagement Shoot
  3. Hamilton Island Food Guide
  4. A cheeky koala and champagne in a canoe
  5. Cauliflower cheese with bacon, breadcrumbs and hazelnuts caulicheese8
  6. Sydney Helicopter Flight
  7. And they’re off…..
  8. Flying over the Great Barrier Reef
  9. Gensac, Saint Emilion and Dordogne
October 2014
  1. Bordeaux Day Two
  2. Bordeaux Day One
  3. Date Night- British Museum and The Lady Ottoline
  4. House of Peroni
  5. Let’s tuck
  6. Jubo Korean
  7. Snicker’s Cheesecake Slice snicker's bar 3
  8. Granger and Co. and Workshop Coffee Co.
  9. Speculoos waffles with banana, bacon and speculoos maple syrup c-u speculoos bacon banana waffles_
  10. Pan fried Feta with peach puree and toasted hazelnuts feta with peaches 2
  11. Strawberry tarte tatin with balsamic caramel strawberry tarte tartin Wide
  12. Lamb ragout with smushed gnocchi lamb ragout
September 2014
  1. Chocolate fondant with salted caramel centres chocolate fondant
  2. Wolf whistling and Hoi Palloi
  3. A personal reflection on what family is
  4. What I wish I had known before planning my wedding
  5. Halloumi burgers with zucchini fritters and mint pea pesto Halloumi burgers
  6. 10 things I wish I had known at University
  7. Fried Buffalo tofu with blue cheese dipping sauce fried tofu
  8. Thoughtful Thursdays- What is self-esteem?
  9. Fried rosemary bread stuffed with chicken and gravy dipping sauce gravy chicken sandwich2
  10. Happy Guacamole Day- Frenchiladas
  11. Before and After Midas Touch Ikea Hack
  12. Vanilla Ice Cream with salted caramel, chocolate chunks and pretzels ice cream pretzel
  13. Bloggers Festival and FoxCroft and Ginger
  14. California Brioche Rolls california brioche rolls
  15. Tenshi Japanese
  16. Naughty ‘Sweet and Salty mess’ brownies fudge brownies
  17. What I really want to say to my dad this Fathers Day
  18. Fried chicken with maple barbecue glaze
  19. Skinny bi*ch low carb pasta with rocket pesto
  20. Top 9 stylish desk essentials
  21. Breakfast to go smoothie
  22. Pumpkin nachos with shredded pork and pumpkin salsa
August 2014
  1. Chai and almond milk porridge
  2. French toast stuffed with caramelised banana and bacon stuffed french toast
  3. How to make semi-sundried tomatoes
  4. Baked aubergine fries with miso dip
  5. Peach, bacon and honey ricotta pizza – 15 minute meal
  6. Peanut Butter S’more Cups
  7. Spinach and Artichoke bread and butter pudding
  8. Lemon and blueberry ricotta pancakes with thyme bacon
  9. A ‘Trash the Dress’ shoot and a parrot
  10. Tres Leches Donuts
  11. Pumpkin Pie- my dirty secret
  12. Gourmet Roast Beef Fillet Sandwiches
  13. 7 boyfriends later, this is what I learned
  14. No more cheese! Honest cards for your lover
  15. Chicken Soup
  16. Banana, peanut butter and tahini smoothie
  17. Mac and Cheese aka “The heart attack and orgasm”
  18. London Wedding Venue: The Dolls House
  19. Cucumber Gin & Tonic Sorbet
July 2014
  1. 3 creative hanging centrepieces
  2. Peach crumble with whiskey
  3. Breakfast Wrap
  4. Anonymous confessions of a wedding photographer
  5. Green Juice- is it just liquid lettuce?
  6. This week I’m loving……
  7. Secret to success at the Blogcademy
  8. How to tell a friend she has forgotten you
  9. Things you must do when you visit Malta
  10. Holiday for Two- Gozo Island Travel Guide
  11. Holiday for two- Malta Travel Guide
  12. Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches with homemade slaw
  13. The Chap Olympiad
  14. Invite the street food craze to your wedding
  15. Holiday for two- 48 hours in Florence Travel Guide
  16. Ice ice baby….
  17. A power smoothie packed with good stuff
  18. A warehouse Liverpool wedding
  19. Simple recipe for homemade pasta
June 2014
  1. What I wish I had known before planning my wedding
  2. House tour with Abigail Ahern
  3. DIY wedding at a traditional London pub
  4. Travel like a local- tips from a nomad
  5. How to pack like a pro and travel light
  6. Vietnamese street food has come to London
  7. And the bride wore McQueen…….
  8. Chorizo and prawn salad with avocado and feta
  9. North West London Victorian Terrace House Tour
  10. The good, the bad and the ugly walls house tour
  11. A beach engagement shoot
  12. Honey bacon, fig and goats cheese grilled sandwich
  13. Welcome to The Lifestyle Directory

The Lifestyle Directory

Welcome beautiful readers!

My name is Christiana. I am a London based lifestyle blogger who is always traveling. To say I love food is an understatement, I live for it.  This blog was first created as a place to share my original recipes and quickly developed into a life directory to guide people needing fashion inspiration, travel guides, restaurant reviews and a bit of life advice. 

 xox C

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