Après-ski into Le Chalet, Selfridges

No need for the ski goggle tan and awkward ski boot two-step at this chalet.

This Swiss pop-up is perched on the roof of Selfridges, which makes it the ideal retreat during the insanity that is Christmas shopping. meselfridges3 lechaletYou arrive on the top floor via a private elevator and as soon as you step out this forest of fairy lights greets you. Naturally I had to take a photo or two because it was finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas. meinhalllwaylechalet2We were there to celebrate our engagement, which made it a grand total of 6 consecutive days of champagne toasts, friends and tears. ringinglassschnitzelEveryone but me ordered the schnitzel with blue cheese sauce…shortribHowever, when my plate arrived heaving with short ribs and parsnip mash there were three food envy faces staring back at me. The ribs fell off my fork like butter- I didn’t even need a knife and the portion was enormous, bordering on Christmas day gluttony. bartableNaturally we ordered every side on the menu so our table was exploding with veg, meat and champagne.  custard2custardThe best thing about this apple strudel was actually what came with it- the creme anglaise. I wanted a litre of it, a straw and a quiet, dark corner. rootbeerfloatMy French friend had never tried a float before so was delighted to find it on the menu. As the waiter began pouring the Coca Cola over the fizzing ice cream his face suddenly turned into that of a 5 year old.   custardsauce2Talking about being 5 years old, as soon as no one was looking I began pouring the remaining creme anglaise directly into my mouth. In fairness, the spoon I was given didn’t fit into the jug so there was no other option. I promise. spiderwebBy the time we ambled out of Le Chalet full of champagne and food, it was dark outside. This made the Selfridges Christmas displays look even more magical and so I leave you with a little taster before urging you to check them out yourself.