Announcing my engagement

Whenever there’s big news or loads to gossip about, Charlotte and I always end up at Burger and Lobster. 

So when I got engaged I knew there was only one place to make the announcement and do the diamond dance.lobsterburgerlobsterburger2 Unfortunately the light was too low to properly capture Charlotte squealing with joy about the news, but you get the idea, she was ecstatic. charlotteexcited The only thing that could make the night better was a bottle of sparkling wine and two lobster rolls. This is the only restaurant where I always order the same thing- I just don’t see the point  of exploring the burgers when their brioche is that more-ish. lobster-2 meandlobsterSizing up my plate of food and going over strategy, lobster, fries and then salad….upcloselobsterJust one last close up before I inhale the whole thing and leave nothing but a squeezed wedge of lemon in its’ wakesmashedit water waiterlobsterThe downside to Burger and Lobster is that there are no reservations for parties under 6 so be prepared to wait. BUT, because their lobster rolls are so scrumptious, you won’t mind hanging around the bar and drinking their lethal cocktails until you are seated.