Some boring fine print in a language I hope you all understand with a bit of silliness in between:

  • This site is written by me and only me, Christiana Courtright. My opinions are my own and I am not offering anyone professional advice in the interior, wedding or food industry- (I am a certified chef though). While I try hard to emphasise safety first in my blog I will not take responsibility for any injury or illness caused as a result of trying out my home improvement and recipes.
  •  The Lifestyle Directory only works with hand selected companies that I would in fact use myself and who I genuinely love. I am in no way being paid to promote businesses in the directory so I can say hand on heart this is one unbiased blog.
  •  All photos that aren’t taken by The Lifestyle Directory are always credited and linked to their outside sources. Any photos not credited to an outside source were captured by ME and are rights protected. Failure to link back to The Lifestyle Directory and credit my site as their source constitutes a copyright violation.

(In other words don’t take photos from my site that were taken by me without crediting my website. If you do, you are violating copyright rules. Any photos that I have credited from another source, then you must ask permission from the original owner to repost or use them.)

  • When taking photos from my site please only take one or two, and don’t forget to credit and link back to The Lifestyle Directory every time.
  • You may not copy and paste a whole blog post, interview or photo gallery from The Lifestyle Directory or use any part of the blog design/template for your own website. This blog is entirely custom made by a wonderful man (if you want his name I can pass it onto you) and I want it to stay uniquely mine.
  • The Lifestyle Directory has the right to remove comments that are deemed inappropriate and offensive. This blog is for lovers not fighters.
  • If you do comment and enter your email address that information remains strictly private and is never shared to an outside source.

The Lifestyle Directory

Welcome beautiful readers!

My name is Christiana. I am a London based lifestyle blogger who is always traveling. To say I love food is an understatement, I live for it.  This blog was first created as a place to share my original recipes and quickly developed into a life directory to guide people needing fashion inspiration, travel guides, restaurant reviews and a bit of life advice. 

 xox C

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