Are you a chef or are you a journalist? 

I am both. I graduated with a Masters of International Journalism and then followed that with a three month cookery course at Ballymaloe Cookery School.

When did you start blogging? 

I actually began food blogging in 2012 under a different name but the website got bought by someone else and I unfortunately lost a years work. Although I was disappointed, I saw it as an opportunity to rebrand and write about more than just food. 

Explain the name The Lifestyle Directory

A directory guides people in the right direction when they are in search of something. I wanted this blog to guide people in search of food, lifestyle, home decor, life advice and weddings. Helping others and offering practical advice is in my nature so this blog is an organic extension of my personality.  

What camera do you use for your food photography?

Nikon D90 with a f.14 Sigma lens and 18-200 Nikon lens. 

Are you self-taught or trained as a photographer?

Photography and film is in the family. I did a photography course in Sydney using my fathers film Nikon camera.  Once I mastered that, I bought myself a Nikon D90. Ever since I bought that camera in 2010 I have never put it down. Food photography and food styling however, is self-taught. 

Where do you buy your food props?

All over London- vintage stores, charity shops, supermarkets, Zara Home, John Lewis. The list goes on and on. 

Where are you actually from? 

I was born in Cornwall, England, but I moved around a lot because of my fathers job. In total, I have lived in over 8 countries and I speak 3 languages. Thanks to my international parents I own 3 passports (American, Australian and English), which has allowed me to travel to some amazing places without the visa hassles.  

Do you do sponsored posts?

On occasion, but the product or service has to be suited to the particular readers of The Lifestyle Directory. Each sponsored post proposal is handled individually and I expect to use the product or service before reviewing it. I don’t do copy and paste press releases as I want to write each post in my own words. If I write a sponsored post you will see it clearly marked at the bottom of the post: This post was written in collaboration with “Insert your business name”. 

Do you do recipe development?

Yes, if you are working for a food related brand or service, then I am happy to create recipes that fulfil your brief. Please email me so we can discuss the details.

Do you do food photography?

Yes, I do. Please email me so we can discuss your brief in detail. 

Jeesh, any other services you offer?

Being a chef, blogger and journalist means I love to write about and eat a lot of food. If you work in media and would like me to cover a food related topic  from food trends, restaurant reviews to interviewing food industry experts don’t hesitate to ask. I am also really open to different opportunities and challenges so even if you are unsure if I can offer that service, don’t hesitate to ask. 






The Lifestyle Directory

Welcome beautiful readers!

My name is Christiana. I am a London based lifestyle blogger who is always traveling. To say I love food is an understatement, I live for it.  This blog was first created as a place to share my original recipes and quickly developed into a life directory to guide people needing fashion inspiration, travel guides, restaurant reviews and a bit of life advice. 

 xox C

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