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Me eating
I’m on the left enjoying my standard two slices of cake.

To my friends I am known as the Modern Martha or the less buxom Nigella, but you can call me Christiana.

My relationship with food began at a very young age, much to the shock of waiters, and as no surprise to my mother- the original Madame of Eating.

At age six I no longer ordered from the children’s menu and went on to conquer every plate put in front of me- squid ink pasta, cuttlefish, rabbit- I was the Napoleon of dining.

Then at age 12 I cooked my family a roast chicken and that was it. I was completely in love from the first stir of the wooden spoon and I almost never left the kitchen again.

We all have a relationship with food, for some it is more complicated than others, but irrespective of where you two stand, I want to encourage everyone to start having an unconditional curiosity and life long passion for eating and cooking.

One caveat, this is not me telling you to overeat like Bruce Bogtrotter and the chocolate cake. Instead, I want to push you to try as many different foods and flavours as you can literally stomach. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a chef like me, anyone can learn to love food and cook.

I was self-taught until my late twenties when I finally completed a three-month course at Ballymaloe Cookery School. 


Although I love a night out with the girls and a glass or two of champagne, I am a homebody. D.I.Y, Interior magazines, Oprah, baking- it’s all very much my thing. This has always been to the amusement of close friends because I am a modern day woman with the lifestyle habits of a 1950s Susie Homemaker.

So for all those who love food, home decor, life advice, fashion and the occasional real wedding then this blog was written with you in mind. I promise to always be real with you because I was not born perfect but I sure can make a damn delicious brownie. 

 Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to chat business over coffee.

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The Lifestyle Directory

Welcome beautiful readers!

My name is Christiana. I am a London based lifestyle blogger who is always traveling. To say I love food is an understatement, I live for it.  This blog was first created as a place to share my original recipes and quickly developed into a life directory to guide people needing fashion inspiration, travel guides, restaurant reviews and a bit of life advice. 

 xox C

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