A personal reflection on what family is

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Today my post will be brief and extremely personal, I hope that’s okay with all of you.

I am currently visiting my boyfriend’s family in Ireland, who taught me one of life’s biggest lessons-  that family is equally about the one you choose as it is the one you are born with. 

For years I have lived thousands of miles away from my own family yet no matter how lost I get while searching for more adventures and a deeper sense of self their constant presence has always acted as my anchor.  

When I decided to train as a chef and move to Ireland without Mr.C, it had been four years since I last lived with mum and dad. One of the biggest indirect blessings of that decision was having my boyfriend’s parents live in the same county as my cookery school. From day one they treated me as one of their own and I have never known what it feels like to be an outsider or to feel undeserving of their acceptance and love.  

His parents immediate and heartfelt welcome quickly extended to all his aunts, uncles, cousins and nanny’s, which gave me an invaluable gift- a second place to call home. 

His relatives are also an important reminder that you can choose anyone to become your family as long as you aren’t expecting them to replace and/or fill the traditional roles. Rather, you must love each chosen person for who they are and in turn how they, as an individual, add to your quality of life. 

This week I am changing it from ThrowbackThursday to ThankfulThursday and sending huge love to both my families, without whom I would be perpetually wondering without an anchor to attach myself to.